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Go anywhere with a boot mobility scooter. Our range can be disassembled into five manageable pieces that fit easily into your car boot with low difficulty.

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A sporty scooter with superbly smooth suspension.


A unique and super-lightweight design makes the GoDrive perfect for lifting, travel and storage.


Prolite Plus

The lightest boot scooter on the market-with an option for extended range, you can take it anywhere!



An ultra compact, great value model perfect for short trips.

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More about our Car Boot Mobility Scooters

Our collection of boot mobility scooters offers convenience and adaptability for those in pursuit of an active and autonomous lifestyle, yet requiring support for mobility. These car boot mobility scooters are ingeniously designed to combine the freedom of movement with the practicality of compact, easy storage. Perfect for individuals who frequently travel or wish to effortlessly include their scooter in every journey, these scooters embody the solution to a variety of mobility challenges. The car mobility scooter is specifically tailored to fit into the boot of a car, making it an ideal companion for shopping trips, visits to family, or exploring new destinations. Their lightweight yet durable design ensures they are not only easy to transport but also robust enough to handle daily use, providing a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A boot mobility scooter is a scooter that can be disassembled for easy storage and transportation. Most boot scooters disassemble into five separate pieces, making them great for days out and easily storing away. Another key advantage is that you only need to be able to lift the heaviest piece, rather than the whole scooter, making them easier to lift than most lightweight folding scooters.

If you want a scooter that can be packed away or placed in a car boot, choose a boot mobility scooter. Boot scooters are also ideal for someone who would struggle to lift a folding scooter – because boot scooters can easily be taken apart, you only have to be able to lift the heaviest piece rather than the whole scooter.

That depends on the model. Some baskets can be removed, and some cannot. If you are wondering about any specific details or have any particular questions about our boot mobility scooters, please get in touch.

Although it depends on the individual scooter, it is possible to use most boot scooters in the rain. However, they are not designed to be ridden in extended wet periods, during big downpours, or through large puddles. If you need a 100% weatherproof scooter, one of our larger road-ready models might be more suitable.

As with all our scooters, the range and battery life of each boot mobility scooter depends on the model itself as well as the driving conditions and way in which you use it. To give you a rough idea, our boot scooters have an average range of about 10 miles.

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