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Our folding mobility scooters offer you the simplest way to travel, making them perfect for storage or popping in the car boot for a day out.

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airfold lightweight mobility scooter


The Airfold mobility scooter comes with a simple manual fold.
airfold superlite scooter in blue

Airfold Superlite

The Airfold Superlite weights just 14kg!

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More about our Folding Mobility Scooters

Our range of portable, electric folding mobility scooters provides the ultimate solution for active individuals seeking a convenient and flexible mode of transport. Designed with a focus on ease of use and versatility, these scooters embody the epitome of innovation in personal mobility. Whether you’re looking to navigate the bustling city streets, explore scenic parks, or simply require a reliable companion for your daily errands, our foldable mobility scooters offer unparalleled ease of transport. With the ability to effortlessly fold into a compact form, they are perfect for storage in small spaces or for placing in the car boot for spontaneous day trips. This feature ensures that our scooters are not just mobility aids but also an extension of your personal freedom and lifestyle, allowing you to maintain an active, independent life without the constraints of traditional mobility solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A folding mobility scooter is a scooter that can be folded to store away or transport. Folding scooters are either manual or automatic. A manual folding scooter requires the user to fold the scooter themselves, whereas as an automatic folding mobility scooter folds away on its own with the touch of a button.

Folding mobility scooters are a great choice for anyone looking for a portable scooter that is easy to transport and store. What makes folding mobility scooters particularly special is how straightforward they are to store and un store. This means you can go from stored to ready-to-go in seconds, often with just the touch of a button. For that reason, folding scooters are perfect for those with limited storage at home, or for people who enjoy days out and would benefit from being able to easily stow the scooter away in transit.

We offer a range of folding mobility scooters, the lightest of which is our Mlite. This incredible folding scooter weighs only 2.8 stone, making it exceptionally easy to store and transport.

Our automatic folding mobility scooters can fold themselves away (or unfold themselves) on their own. Simply press the correct button on the scooter (or on the remote control if applicable) and the scooter will fold or unfold all by itself as if by magic!

All our mobility scooters come with free standard delivery service. But if you want your scooter to arrive within 48 hours, our Mlite folding mobility scooter can be delivered with our premium express engineered delivery service.

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