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Lightweight Scooters

Go anywhere with a lightweight mobility scooter. Our range includes folding and boot scooters – both of which are perfect for traveling and days out.

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A sporty scooter with superbly smooth suspension.


A unique and super-lightweight design makes the GoDrive perfect for lifting, travel and storage.


Prolite Plus

The lightest boot scooter on the market-with an option for extended range, you can take it anywhere!

airfold lightweight mobility scooter


The Airfold mobility scooter comes with a simple manual fold.
airfold superlite scooter in blue

Airfold Superlite

The Airfold Superlite weights just 14kg!


An ultra compact, great value model perfect for short trips.

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1 Year Warranty on All Scooters


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More about our Lightweight Mobility Scooters

Our selection of lightweight mobility scooters offers the perfect blend of convenience and innovation for individuals seeking an effortless, mobile lifestyle. These light mobility scooters are designed to cater to the needs of those who desire both functionality and ease of handling. Crafted with precision to ensure maximum mobility, these scooters are ideal for navigating through tight spaces, crowded places, or serene neighbourhood paths. Their lightweight design does not compromise on strength or durability, offering a reliable and efficient means of transportation that enhances independence and freedom. Whether for daily use or special outings, our lightweight mobility scooters are synonymous with comfort and versatility, providing a seamless solution for individuals aiming to maintain an active and self-reliant lifestyle. With the added advantage of being easy to transport and store, these scooters represent not just a mobility aid but a gateway to a more liberated and fulfilling way of life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A lightweight mobility scooter is a scooter that is light enough to be transported – for example in a car boot or on a train or aircraft – and that can be stored away at home in a cupboard or under the stairs. Lightweight scooters are either ‘folding’, which fold away, or ‘boot’, which can be disassembled into parts.

Lightweight scooters are ideal if you plan to use your scooter for days out or travelling, or if you have limited storage space at home. Lightweight scooters are our most popular, and many customers choose them as they’re perfect for days out. Simply pop your scooter in the boot of your car and off you go!

Each scooter in our lightweight range is different – and each one has its own benefits. What is best for you depends on your individual needs. We suggest that you look through the various models on offer and see which one suits you best. And you can always get in touch if you have any further questions about our lightweight mobility scooters.

Yes. All our scooters are stable and have undergone rigorous testing. Provided you use them in accordance with the instructions provided and in the manner for which they were designed and built, they will remain stable.

Certainly! You can experience a test drive from the comfort of your own home. We can arrange for a demonstration model to be brought to you for a test drive, allowing you to get a real feel for the scooter and confirm that it meets your expectations before making a decision.

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