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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Windsor’s Mobility

Where to Find Information about Us and Our Products

1.1 All the essential information about Windsor’s Mobility, our products, and services is available on our official website, in our brochure, or through our sales team before you make a purchase. Additionally, we provide written confirmation of key details after you place an order, either via email or on paper.

1.2 By making a purchase from Windsor’s Mobility, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • You are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of your order details, and you bear the costs associated with re-delivery or the return of non-faulty products.
  • Various methods are available for placing orders and making payments.
  • Product images may slightly differ from the actual items.
  • We are not accountable for delays beyond our control.
  • We offer guarantees on select products for your peace of mind.
  • You possess the legal right to change your mind within a 14-day cooling-off period, but you must cover the return costs.
  • You have rights in case of product issues.
  • We retain the authority to modify products and these terms.
  • We can withdraw products and terminate contracts.
  • We do not compensate for all losses caused by us or our products.
  • Your personal data usage is outlined in our Privacy Notice.
  • Dispute resolution options are available.
  • Other essential terms are applicable to our contract.
  • Placing Your Order and Order Details Accuracy

3.1 When placing an order, we guide you through the product and service details, covering aspects like operation, maintenance, and care. We thoroughly discuss model specifications, sizes, colours, and your requirements, obtaining your signature to confirm the order. By confirming your order, you affirm its accuracy and express satisfaction with proceeding.

3.2 It is your responsibility to provide information that could affect order completion, such as property access or specific delivery/installation requirements. You must ensure product compatibility with your home, and additional charges may apply for re-delivery or the return of non-faulty items.

Ways to Place Your Order and Make Payments

4.1 Orders can be placed in person or over the phone, with payment methods including credit card, cheque, cash, and electronic bank transfer (bank details provided upon request).

4.2 Important notes:

Certain payment methods are not accepted for specific products or services.

Full payment is required for certain products on the day of purchase.

Minimum deposit of 50% is required for orders with later collection or delivery; full balance must be paid before delivery.

VAT-Free Eligibility for Chronically Ill or Disabled Customers

5.1 Customers eligible for VAT-free prices must complete and sign an eligibility declaration, with penalties for false declarations. Consult HM Revenue & Customs for clarification before signing the declaration.

Product Variances

6.1 Product colours may slightly differ from device or marketing representations, and packaging may exhibit slight variations.

Delays Outside Our Control

7.1 In case of delays due to events beyond our control, we will notify you promptly and make efforts to minimize the delay. While we do not compensate for such delays, substantial delays allow you to contact us for potential contract termination and refund for undelivered products.

Product Issues and Legal Rights

8.1 If you encounter issues with your product, contact our customer service team. We adhere to legal obligations to provide products as described and meet all legal requirements.

8.2 Detailed information on legal rights is available on the Citizens Advice website.

Warranty for Peace of Mind

9.1 Each product is accompanied by a 12-month manufacturing warranty, with extended warranties noted in user manuals.

Inspection of Reported Faults

10.1 Reported faults prompt an engineer’s inspection, with an advance charge refunded if a manufacturing fault is confirmed.

10.2 Consumer Rights Act provisions apply, offering refund, repair, or replacement for faulty or misrepresented products within specified timelines.

Right to Change Your Mind

11.1 You can change your mind within 14 days of delivery, with notification to our customer service team.

How to Notify Us of a Change

12.1 Contact our customer service team to inform us of your decision to change your mind.

Return of Products

13.1 Return the product at your expense, ensuring proof of dispatch is retained.

Refund Reduction for Product Handling

14.1 Refunds may be reduced for product handling that diminishes its value.

Refund Process

15.1 Refunds are processed within 14 days of product receipt, using the original payment method without additional fees.

Changes to Products and Terms

16.1 Changes may occur to products to comply with laws or for minor technical adjustments. Customers are notified of changes requiring acceptance.

Changes Requiring Notice and Option to Terminate

17.1 Certain changes prompt notification, allowing customers to terminate the contract and receive a refund for undelivered products.

Product Withdrawal

18.1 Products may be withdrawn, with prior notice and a refund for prepaid undelivered products.

Contract Termination

19.1 Contract termination is possible for non-payment, lack of cooperation, or failure to allow delivery or collection within a reasonable timeframe.

Limited Compensation for Losses

20.1 We are responsible for foreseeable losses caused by contract breaches, excluding unforeseeable, unavoidable, or business-related losses.

Personal Data Usage

21.1 Personal data usage is outlined in our Privacy Notice, complying with GDPR regulations.

Dispute Resolution

22.1 Utilize our complaints procedure for dispute resolution through our customer service team. Contact information is provided for complaints via email or post.

Legal Jurisdiction

23.1 English law governs these terms, allowing claims in English courts. Residents of Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland can also claim in their respective country’s courts.

Contract Transfer

24.1 We can transfer our contract to a different organization, ensuring it doesn’t affect customer rights.

Contract Transfer by Customer

25.1 Contract transfer requires our approval due to the individualized nature of our products.

Validity Despite Court Rulings

26.1 If some terms are deemed unlawful, the rest remain in force.

Enforcement Delay

27.1 Delayed enforcement doesn’t negate future enforcement.

Please contact our customer service team for any clarifications or further information.

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